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Top earners

Institutional Investor magazine annually ranks top-earning hedge fund managers. Earnings from a hedge fund are simply 100% of the capital gains on the manager's own equity stake in the fund plus 20% to 50% (depending on policy) of the gains on the other investors' capital.

The 2004 top earner was Edward Lampert of ESL Investments Inc. who earned $1.02 billion during the year.

The 2005 top earner was James Harris Simons with an earning of $1.5 billion according to Alpha magazine.However, Trader Monthly reported that Simons only earned about $1 billion and that the top earner was instead T. Boone Pickens with an estimated earning of over $1.5 billion during the year.

The full top 10 list of hedge fund earners according to Trader Monthly includes:


Notable hedge fund management companies

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