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London Business School Hedge Fund Programme:

Hedge Fund Programme for Well Informed Investors

Designed for finance professionals who are already familiar with hedge funds, the programme seeks to explain why hedge funds have been so attractive in recent years and contemplates whether this performance is sustainable. 

Beginning with an overview of the hedge fund industry and its recent developments, the programme then introduces various hedge fund investment models. It also gives participants the opportunity to experience these developments and models first-hand through a simulation game. The programme draws on the research work carried out at the BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Center.


An overview of the hedge fund industry
The programme seeks to explain why hedge funds have been so attractive in recent years and provide some insights into whether this performance is sustainable. Beginning with an overview of the hedge fund industry, its key players and its recent developments, it reviews the various hedge fund investment models in existence.

Learn from recent advances in research
Recent advances in research are introduced to establish a comprehensive framework that encompasses a wide range of hedge fund strategies. This framework is then used to demonstrate how hedge fund investment models differ from those of mutual funds. You will explore the key risk exposures faced by hedge funds and the implications for strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction.

Analysing hedge fund performance 
The programme profiles investors in hedge funds and analyses how they select data and indexes to measure hedge fund performance. It details the specific criteria involved in the hedge fund manager selection process and the ensuing contractual negotiations.

At the beginning of the programme, participants will be asked to submit three questions they would like to see the programme answer. Faculty then use these questions to determine the emphasis put on specific topics.

The Hedge Funds Programme provides you with the knowledge and frameworks needed to address the key issues concerning hedge funds. As a result, you will have the skills, tools and insights needed to:

Most participants will have some prior knowledge of hedge funds and their investment styles, trading strategies, structures, and compensation methods. The programme will be of particular interest to:

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